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UPV is a 45 years old institution adding up over 42.000 people, comprising 10 technical schools, 3 faculties and 2 higher polytechnic schools. With a strong international experience in ICT technologies applied to different domains, one of the main areas of work of the UPV is the application of ICT to the fields of Health and Social Services in three primary action lines (e-Health, e-Inclusion and Quality of Life). At present time UPV is considered leader in Spain in online training.




UPV counts with the department CUINA Group which develops its research in the field of Food Technology and frequently collaborates with UPV-SABIEN in several founded projects as Nutritional Experts. A current research line is cooking or use of tools based on ICT to improve dietary intake of populations.



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SABIEN (Technological Innovations for Health and Wellbeing) is the major research department in e-Inclusion and eHealth of the UPV, has an extensive expertise in the application of ICT to the social and healthcare systems, in AmI and AAL.


Fundació Lluís Alcanyís, Universitat de Valéncia de la Comunitat Valenciana


Lluis Alcanyis Foundation (University of Valencia) is a non-profit organisation that carries out the care, scientific and research policy of the University of Valencia and offers scientific and technological services and has more than 1000 m2 of clinical and research laboratories to undertake research programmes based on state-of-the-art biomedical science and the development of projects focussed in ICT.